How Casino Hosts Attract Gamblers


The numbers reveal that more Americans are gambling in the casinos. Compared to 1989, when only 24% of Americans visited a casino, that figure is up to 25% today. The typical gambler in a casino is a 46-year-old woman from an above-average income household. Many of these women are parents with plenty of extra time and money to spend on gambling. The average age of these gamblers is a factor, too, as they are more likely to be retired.

In addition, many casinos don’t have clocks. While this could present a fire hazard, casinos make use of bright, gaudy floor coverings and wall coverings to encourage play and a good time. In addition to bright, cheery colors, casinos often use red, a color which many believe will cause people to lose track of time. The colors are used for other reasons as well, though. This includes the fact that casinos are run by investment banks.

Casinos pay close attention to their customers’ pain points. They monitor player cards in real-time to identify trends and patterns in customer behavior. They also watch out for telltale signs of problem gambling and will take steps to address them. Some of these measures include offering free drinks, meal vouchers, or credits for your next visit. But there’s more to it than that. These casino host tactics are not limited to cashier incentives. They are also used to attract people who might otherwise be more interested in gambling.