Slot Booking


Slot booking is a process in which a candidate can choose the exam center he/she wants to take the exam at. Slot booking is useful when a candidate has a specific preference for an exam center or when he/she is unable to choose one. It helps the candidate/student select the best date/time for the exam.

The slot is a place on the ice in which the most chance of scoring without deflection exists. Because of the clear view of the net, a puck in the slot can be better placed and aimed. The low position of the slot also makes it a good place for a wrist shot. A well-placed one-timer from the slot is among the best shots in hockey.

A slot receiver can line up on the left or right side of an offense. There can be as many as three in one game. Sometimes, teams will have a mix of Outside Slot receivers and Inside Slot receivers. A slot cornerback is also referred to as a Nickel cornerback. Because of its name, a Nickel cornerback is a defensive back package consisting of additional defensive backs.

Slot receivers can run short routes on the route tree and are more common in the NFL. They are also very effective in the catch and run game. The slot can run slants and quick outs to stretch a defense.